Industry Leading Authorization Controls

Account or Card Level Controls
Purchase controls

  • Fuel only or fuel and other expenses
  • Dollars & Transactions by day, week or month
  • Time of day or day of week
  • Group profiles settings
  • Hard, soft declines and temporary authorizations
  • Brand/site/merchant category restrictions
  • Product group restrictions

Real-time purchase alerts (email & text)

  • Usage on specific card/vehicle/drivers
  • Declines & authorizations
  • Transactional dollar thresholds

thumbsupFUEL MASTERS Fleet Card Benefits

Easily track your fleet with Fleet Commander™ Online

  • Report by mileage, fuel gallons used, transactions
  • Restrict unauthorized purchases or merchants
  • Record maintenance dates and costs
  • Choose your own method for convenient notification

Driver convenience

  • All fleet purchases on one card
  • Universal acceptance

Cost savings

  • No annual fee
  • No monthly card fee
  • Honor customer negotiated discounts
  • Selected fuel merchant discounts

24/7 customer support

Reports – Key Business Information

  • Management Reports to help spot misuse and transaction trends
    Dollars by merchant
    Non-fuel purchases
    Cards with high gallons and high number of transactions
    Multiple purchases per dayreports-nologo
  • Transaction Reports
  • Real Time Activity Reporting
    Allows you to see the authorizations or declines as they occur
  • Inventory Reports
    Vehicle and driver profile information
  • Exception Reports
    Helps identify program variances
  • Billing Reports
    Providing program transactions, payments
and adjustments

FUEL MASTERS Fleet Card Difference

  • Offering one of the industries largest merchant networks
  • Fleet Commander™ Online (interactive customer website)
  • Easy-to-use, feature rich fleet management tool
  • Customized purchasing & authorization controls
  • Industry knowledgeable
client supportfleetpic-nologo